What is a Ten Day Free Demand letter?
United Fidelity offers a broad spectrum of letter services for your needs. However this particular letter, which is a complimentary service provided for your company, is a formal demand on our company stationary. When the debtor sends their remittance prior to the ten-day elapse period there is no fee earned by our office. For a more rapid approach to the debtor that has been a good customer in the past and just needs a nudge we offer a three-day facsimile demand along the same guidelines set forth above. If the customer does not pay within the allotted time frame we will then pursue the collection.

Are there any up-front costs associated with placement of a delinquent receivable?
United Fidelity works on a contingency basis, which means if no collection is made there is no fee earned by our firm. Our office assumes all expenses of the collection effort. We are only rewarded when we recover your past due funds.

Do I need to provide supporting documentation to place an account with United Fidelity?
To place a delinquent account with our office all you will need is basic information such as the balance of the account, debtor name, address, telephone number and date of last payment or sale. This basic information can be conveyed to our office via telephone, email or by facsimile.

Once an account is collected how long does it take to get our proceeds?
United Fidelity remits 15 days promptly after the collection has been made, and we pride ourselves on being the first credit service to be able to adhere to this policy. In today's economy we know how much this means to you turning your past due invoices back into working capital. Electronic banking and bank wire transfers make this policy possible. There is no valid reason for holding your remittance 30 to 60 days.

Does United Fidelity offer online access?
Yes, we do offer online access. Our office will assign you with a password to access our database. No longer will you be required to wait for the end-of-the-month status report when you have a meeting with your boss in ten minutes and need information. Now it is just a click away. This wealth of immediate information will assure you that United Fidelity is working diligently to resolve your accounts receivable fast and effectively.

If the debtor does not pay and we are forced to seek council does United Fidelity handle this for us?
United Fidelity has a nationwide network of attorneys in the debtor's jurisdiction to assist you in pursuing the debtor that will not pay willingly. Although our collection professionals seek every alternative effort to resolve matters voluntarily the time does arise when you need to litigate a claim and set a precedence in your industry that your company will not tolerate past due behavior. United Fidelity will only pursue litigation with your expressed authorization. Once litigation has commenced your account executive will keep you informed of any significant developments in the case. There is a Statute of Limitations for delinquent debt, click for more details.