The need for accurate information is vital when the customer begins lagging behind agreed-upon terms or displaying other signs of a weakening position. United Fidelity, a full-service credit organization, can approach the situation with a number of investigative tools

Asset & Liability Search: A complete investigation of the debtor's available assets and liabilities give your firm a better view of the debtor's financial position. With our firm's private investigative experience, extensive research capabilities are helping you determine the correct course of credit action to pursue.

Customer Profile: Today's integrated technology has made this debtor-tracking device most efficient. Interfacing with a wide range of on-line credit institutions allows our firm to monitor the bankruptcy chapters filed and other corporation financial disorders within several hours of issuance. This technology gives United Fidelity and your company the knowledge and understanding you need to make sound credit decisions.

Guaranteed Credit Analysis: This report is a detailed outline or summary analysis of the potential customer's credit worthiness. Our investigators contact various vendors and suppliers to determine how stable the future customer is. Within 24 hours we will send you a detailed analysis of the good, the bad and the ugly assisting your credit department prior to making a credit decision. When you employ our Guaranteed Credit Report Service and extend credit based on our findings, we guarantee no charge or collection fee, should collection become necessary.

Licensed Private Investigators: With over 14,000 Private Investigators nationwide we are able to inspect the real estate at the debtor's location, describe property, take photographs of vehicles, equipment and inventory thus allowing you to locate and identify assets.

Litigation: We have a fully-accredited legal staff and utilize leading legal forwarding services. Astute counsel in the debtor's jurisdiction anywhere in the world is at your fingertips. These credit-trained commercial attorneys work on your behalf to resolve the case expeditiously. Updated status reports sent monthly inform you of the pertinent developments.

Merchandise Returns: The return of merchandise is not the most preferred method of resolution. However, commissions are charged on authorized returns based on one-half the normal fee.

Ten Day Free Demand: United Fidelity will send out a formal demand for your funds on our letterhead, and when collected, it is free of charge within the first ten days. On the eleventh day, if not collected, the account would be placed for immediate collection at the normal fee. Many of our clients pay for a letter service. At United Fidelity the service is free.

Licensed Private Investigators

  • Asset & Liability Search
  • Bankruptcy Alert
  • Credit Reports
  • Customer Profiles

Professional: United Fidelity always considers the debtor's past business history with your company in order to determine our attitude, firm or strong, on collection efforts. We will not jeopardize you company's reputation.

The Difference: With over 14,000 professionally trained field service representatives and private investigators, our team can view the debtor's place of business eye-to-eye. This in-person activity helps eliminate partial payments and broken promises.

Flexible: Clients may dicate how each debtor placement is to be handled ... you make the call on the approach. United Fidelity constantly considers the client/debtor relationship.
Written Status Reports: We will customize our written status reports to suit your company's preference.